To ensure the highest standards of quality of drinking water waterworks have to control the content of iron and manganese. The World Health Organization (WHO) has established limits on the content of iron at the 200 μg/L and manganese at 50 μg/L.

Iron Manganese Analyser Screen

SEIBOLD installed and set into operation together with its partnership analysers for Iron, Manganese and Aluminium.
Application Challenges:

  • Low measurement range.
  • Must be fully automated, very reliable and robust.
  • Special cleaning steps.
  • Reagents and waste must not be dangerous or toxic.

An additional difficulty in this case is not only very low measurement ranges (SEIBOLD recommends measuring at 1/2 of the minimum value range), but the fact that interferences in the determination of iron and manganese ions can have a variety of other heavy metals contained in water. Therefore, we have developed a special technique for measuring the speed of color development (kinetics of complex building), which, combined with thoughtful mathematical models, helped to achieve the best results.
Combined COMPOSER analyser is designed to provide maximum efficiency and economy.

The analysers installed are controlled by a central system; nevertheless all concentrations and system parameters are stored in addition on analysers.
COMPOSER Joseph v. Eybler for Iron 3-1000 ppb tot Fe
COMPOSER Georg C. Wagenseil for Manganese 3-1000 ppb tot Mn
COMPOSER Fran v. Suppé for Aluminium 10-2000 ppb tot Al

Iron and manganese in the drinking water purification stations.

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